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Katayoun Najafizadeh, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

Iranian Society of Organ Donation

She is a Pulmonary Disease Specialist who established the Lung transplant program in 2000 in Iran. In 2004 she also established organ donation program in one of the main Universities of Tehran to increase the rate of organ donation for patients on transplant waiting lists especially on the list of lung transplant which was her main concern. With her colleagues and their hard works they could perform some projects for increasing the donation rate in this University and could get the family consent rate of 96% and make a PMP of 32.4 in its area with 10 million population.  She was assigned the Director of Organ donation and Transplantation Office of the Ministry of Health of Iran in 2014. Again her colleagues and she presented some projects to the Minister of Health and with his approval and Iranian Supreme Transplant Council confirmation they started these projects in the country and could increase the organ donation rate in Iran significantly. She also with the best of Iranian Transplant and also Culture and Art experts of Iran established a NGO named "Iranian Society of Organ Donation" to help the Ministry of Health Transplant Management Center especially in issues like Social awareness activities, Donor family support, Donor teams education, research and every other related activities which is needed to improve organ donation and transplantation in Iran.  In 2018 responsibility of establishing “Organ donation and Transplantation Registry of Iran” (OTRI), “Organ Transfer System of Iran” (OTSI), Quality assurance and audit of organ procurement units and some other important projects of the Ministry of Health has been passed to ISOD and she with her colleagues in their NGO are hardly working on these important issues. She has been a member of ISODP council since 2017.

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