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Inish O'Doherty, United States

Executive Director
C-Path’s Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) and Transplant Therapeutic Consortium (TTC)
Critical Path Institute

Inish O’Doherty, PhD is Executive Director of two public-private-partnerships, C-Path’s Transplant Therapeutics Consortium (TTC) and Type 1 Diabetes Consortium (T1DC). His work focuses on the pre-competitive development of biomarkers and quantitative tools, which aim to optimize clinical trial design and minimize risk in regulatory decision making. The goal of these consortia is to receive regulatory endorsement of these drug development tools with the global health authorities (e.g., FDA and EMA), ensuring they can be used in confidence by the biopharmaceutical industry and the regulatory authorities. Dr. O’Doherty leads a cross-functional team of data managers and clinical and quantitative scientists, who collaborate with stakeholders from the medical product development community to aggregate and analyze historical patient-level data from clinical trials and real-world sources. Dr. O’Doherty’s portfolio currently includes seeking regulatory endorsement of several drug development tools through various formal and informal regulatory endorsement pathways. Prior to C-Path, Dr. O’Doherty implemented chemical biology target validation methodologies in the drug discovery and development process at Pfizer Inc. in both oncology and metabolic diseases.

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