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Ewa C.S. Ellis, Sweden

Assistant Professor
Department of Transplantation Surgery
Karolinska Institute

President of the TTS section, Cell Transplant and Regenerative Medicine Society, CTRMS. Laboratory director of the liver cell laboratory at the unit for transplantation surgery, at Karolinska Institute. Spec. in human hepatocyte isolation, culture and tx. Research projects: Pretr. of patients w hepatectomy, cold storage of cells and tissue. Tracking txed hepatocytes, identifying diseases w high liver cell turnover. HepTx in Apo E-/- mice. FGF19 in human liver and bile acid metabolism. Liver humanized mice FRG, FRGN; Bile acid and lipoprotein metabolism

Sessions chaired by Ewa C.S. Ellis

When Session Room
15:15 - 17:00
State-of-the-Art Session — Islet Transplantation Up-to-Date Channel 4

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