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Axel Rahmel, Germany

Medical Director
Deutsche Stiftung Organtransplantation

Since 04/2014, Dr. Rahmel is the Medical Director of Deutsche Stiftung Organtransplantation - DSO
After his medical studies at Georg-August-University of Göttingen in 1987 he joined a scholarship of Max Planck Society as a fellow in 1989 at the Institute for Experimental Medicine. Thereafter he had his medical training in internal medicine and cardiology at University of Muenster and later at the University of Leipzig. In Leipzig he was in charge of the heart failure/heart transplant program taking care of patients prior to and after heart transplantation. In 2005 he was appointed Medical Director of Eurotransplant International Foundation (ET), the organization responsible for organ allocation in eight European countries. Since 2014 he is Medical Director of DSO, the German organ procurement organization.

Sessions chaired by Axel Rahmel

When Session Room
07:30 - 08:15
Oral Abstracts Session — Education and Vascularized Composite Allograft Channel 9

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