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IN-5 - Industry Symposium
Novartis: Optimizing long-term outcomes in kidney transplantation: innovative predictive tools and treatment pathways

Tuesday September 15, 2020 | 10:00 to 11:00
Room: Channel 1
Track: N/A

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Symposium description

Existing standard of care in kidney transplantation provides good short-term efficacy, but there is still a need for immunosuppressive therapies that provide durable antirejection efficacy and safety while maintaining allograft unction. Currently, several targeted therapies are under development to evaluate long-term improvement in transplantation; however, there is a need for an early and robust surrogate endpoint that can adequately predict the likelihood of long-term graft survival and kidney failure prevention. Please join our symposium to understand targeted treatment pathways and innovative predictive tools for long-term allograft survival.


Dr. Kenneth A. Newell, United States
Current unmet needs in kidney transplantation: predicting graft survival and improving patient outcomes

Dr. James S. Rush, Switzerland
New immunosuppressive pathways in transplant therapy

Prof. Alexandre Loupy, France
Long-term outcomes in kidney transplantation: the development and validation of the iBox predictive risk scoring system

Dr. Olivier Aubert, France
Implementing iBox in clinical practice: use of the iBox risk score in individual patients

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