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IN-9 - Industry Symposium
Hansa - Current & future approaches in kidney transplant of highly sensitised patient

Wednesday September 16, 2020 | 17:00 to 18:00
Room: Channel 1
Track: N/A

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Symposium description

The presence of donor specific HLA antibodies is considered a contra-indication for renal transplantation as their presence is associated with hyperacute rejection. Highly sensitised patients have antibodies against many HLA antigens making it challenging to find an acceptably matched donor. Most countries have transplant programmes that prioritise such patients which have made a positive impact, however the most highly sensitised patients remain the most challenging, with many facing no chance of transplant and a lifetime on dialysis. A panel of distinguished experts will discuss the different approaches to desensitisation, a closer look at allocation systems and the question of equity and finally discuss the emerging new and exciting therapeutic options.


Prof. Carmen Lefaucheur, France
Current approaches to desensitisation

Prof. David Briggs, United Kingdom
Challenging equity to access in kidney allocation systems

Dr. Stanley Jordan, United States
Emerging therapies & future approaches

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