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276 - Workshop Session
What is the Ideal Pig for Xenotransplantation? / Carl-Gustav Groth Xeno Prize

Monday September 14, 2020 | 13:00 to 14:30
Room: Channel 2
Track: Xenotransplantation

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Alfred Joseph Tector, United States
Are remaining xeno-antigens relevant?

Prof. Eckhard Wolf, Germany
The ideal modified pig, how many genes are necessary?

Dr. David K. C. Cooper, United States
Do we need to address p?hysiologic incompatibilities

Matthias Längin, Germany
Xeno-organ growth: myth or reality?

Agnes Azimzadeh, United States
Presentation of the Carl-Gustav Groth Xeno Prize to Joachim Hundrieser

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  • Joe,
    Very nice presentation. In your long-term Rhesus survivors, is teh immune response exclusive to SLA, and why wouldn't other pig protein antigens be involved?

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