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Besher A. Al-Attar, Saudi Arabia

Medical Director
Medical Department
Saudi Center for Organ Transplantation

Biography: Besher Al-Attar, MD


Dr. Attar’s area of interest is in organ donation and transplantation. He is a senior consultant nephrologist and medical director of the Saudi center for organ transplantation (SCOT). He is the secretary of various National Committee Boards of SCOT and presents national data and statistics of all official international and regional meetings. His academic focus is in advancing, application and practice of deceased organ donation. His research interest is in the clinical application and policies of organ failure and transplantation, the development and implementation of national health sector practices in organ donation and transplantation, deceased donation ethics and science of it. In addition, he is a scientific editor in the Saudi Journal for Kidney Diseases and Transplantation (SJKDT), Arabic editor and authored books related to nephrology, chronic kidney disease (CKD), death declaration and organ donation.

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