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P-4 - Poster Session
Donation and Procurement

Room: E-Poster Hall
Track: Donation & Procurement


Michael Fink, Australia
Sharing of deceased donor livers in Australia and New Zealand

Dr. Aaron YS Hui, Australia
Removing the BMI bias in kidney transplantation: Outcomes of kidney transplantation in patients with BMI >35

Dr. Lachlan McMichael, Australia
Clinician perspectives on factors associated with delayed wait-listing for deceased donor renal transplantation in Australia

Miss Annalisa Dolcet, United Kingdom
Histopatological grade of ischemia reperfusion injury on short- and long-term outcomes in liver transplantation using DCD (deceased after circulatory death donor) grafts

Ms. Shivani Bajpai, United States
Deceased kidney donor pre-procurement cardiac arrest associated with better long-term graft survival

Dr. Imogen Thomson, Australia
Missed opportunities for organ donation from potential donors with primary brain tumours in Australia; cohort study 2010-2015

Dr. Wujun Xue, People's Republic of China
A prediction model of delay graft function from deceased donor risk factor: A multi-center study from China

Brenda Marie Rosales, Australia
Verification of suspected melanomas in deceased organ donor referrals: A population-based cohort study using data-linkage, 2010-2015

Dr. Felipe Alconchel, Spain
Impact of controlled donation after circulatory death (cDCD) on waiting list mortality for liver transplantation in the last 10 years: The Spanish experience

Terence Kee Yi Shern, Singapore
Benefits of kidney transplantation in Asians - A comparison of survival of kidney transplant recipients and wait-listed patients remaining on dialysis in Singapore

Miss Katherine Labib, Australia
It’s not too late to donate...Controlled Donation after Circulatory Death (DCD) of lungs up to 24 hours after Withdrawal of Cardio Respiratory Support (WCRS)

Mr. James A. Hedley, Australia
Perceived vs. verified risk of cancer transmission from deceased organ donors: a 2010-2015 cohort study using data linkage in New South Wales, Australia

Jeffrey P. Orlowski, United States
Zero organ, one organ, and authorized-not recovered donors: Trends and opportunities in a growing organ procurement organization

Dr. Ivana Dedinska, Slovakia (Slovak Republic)
Experiences with expanded criteria donors: 10-year analysis of the Martin, Slovakia Transplant Center

Ebru Hatice Ayvazoglu Soy, Turkey
Deceased-donor transplantation activities in Turkey

Dr. María Paula Gómez, Spain
ISO quality certification for a hospital-based organ procurement unit: The United Arab Emirates (UAE) experience

Ms. Wenshi Jiang, People's Republic of China
Organ donation, a new subject developed in China towards professionalism

Omid Ghobadi, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Ten recommendations on approaching next of kin for consenting organ donation; Or How did we manage to increase consent rates by 64%?

Dr. Ali Etemadi, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
National implementation of Persian possible donor detection program: An 8-month efficiency evaluation

Shin Do Suh, Korea
The meaning of kidney transplantation from circulatory death donor in local hospital

Implementation of a mobile ECMO team for normothermic regional perfusion as donor preservation method in Controlled Donation After Circulatory death (CDAC) in the community of Madrid

Prof. Anant Kumar, India
Asymptomatic donor stones: Management algorithm

Prof. Anant Kumar, India
Comparative analysis of live donor kidney transplantation in double renal arteries with 30/70 lumen discrepancy using Pajama Bench reconstruction versus end to side reconstruction and separate implantation technique

Dr. Dinno Francis A Mendiola, Philippines
Comparative analysis of donor and allograft outcomes based on laterality of kidney donation: proof of equivalence of the safety and efficacy of laparoscopic left versus right donor nephrectomy

Dr. Yunmi Kim, Korea
Predictors for renal outcome in living kidney donors: From data of Korean organ transplantation registry

Miss Renata Iskander, Canada
Health professional level barriers to living donor kidney transplantation: A mixed methods study

Dr. Konstantin O. Semash, Russian Federation
Laparoscopic left lateral sectionectomy in living liver donors: From the first experience to routine usage

Dr. Seung Duk Lee, United States
Robotic versus open mini incision living donor nephrectomy: Single center experience

Dr. Eun-Kyoung Jwa, Korea
Living liver donor surgical complication : Single center experience

Dr. Kentaro Ide, Japan
Minimum incision open donor nephrectomy versus laparoendoscopic single-site donor nephrectomy: A possible safe alternative

Dr. Gustavo Fernandes Ferreira, Brazil
Kidney Paired Donation In Brazil

Mr. Tim Bartling, Germany
A systematic review of physicians’ and patients’ preferences regarding the allocation of deceased donor organs: To what extent are physicians acting as advocates for their patients?

Ms. Carina Oedingen, Germany
Systematic review and focus group discussions of public preferences for the allocation of deceased donor organs as preliminary works: Building a discrete choice experiment evaluating principles of distributive justice

Mr. Zhong-kun Huo, People's Republic of China
Brain death-mediated inflammatory liver injury is mediated by hepatocytes apoptosis through TRAIL

Dr. Siavash Raigani, United States
Bridging the gap: normothermic perfusion of discarded livers significantly alleviates the donor shortage in the United States

Dr. Alexander I Sushkov, Russian Federation
Does the cold storage really «cold»? Liver thermography and microdialysis findings

Reinier de Vries, United States
Real-time viability assessment during normothermic machine perfusion with Raman spectroscopy

Dr. Fu Zhen, People's Republic of China
Double-lobectomy in rat model of steatotic liver transplantation

Dr. Damiano Patrono, Italy
Lessons learned from perfusate analysis during dual hypothermic oxygenated machine perfusion of liver grafts

Dongjing Yang, People's Republic of China
Value of CTGF in assessment of liver graft with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease after brain death

Dr. Amelia J Hessheimer, Spain
Observations on 24-hour ex situ normothermic liver perfusion

Marty T Sellers, United States
Using pulsatile perfusion to successfully transplant kidneys with 15 percent glomerulosclerosis

Richard S. Mangus, United States
Deceased donor organ flush with equivalent volumes of HTK and UW at a single U.S. organ procurement organization

Wade Liu, United States
Automated electronic referrals are changing donation

Iago Justo Alonso, Spain
New technique for abdominal wall retrieval: Our initial outcomes with the new technique in non-vascularized fascia

Estephan Arredondo, Spain
Quorum: IT tool for organ donation quality system management: Pilot program in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Dr. María Paula Gómez, Spain
Implementation results of the first hospital-based organ procurement unit in Kerala (India)

Dr. Korntip Phonphok, Thailand
Readiness of the retrieval team for deceased donor kidney transplantation in Thailand

Ms. Rhonda Holdsworth, Australia
Implementation of a national organ matching and data system for Australian solid organ transplantation programs

Dr. Thanh-Tuan Nguyen, Viet Nam
Robotic versus laparoscopic living donor nephrectomy: A prospective study

Dr. Olga E Facio, Mexico
Brain death donation improvement areas: Procurement impact

Reinier de Vries, United States
Salvaging discarded livers with normothermic machine perfusion: Is it worth the cost?

Dr. antonio franco, Spain
Protocol based on hepatitis C virus nucleic acid testing to optimize renal transplant from seropositive donors to seronegative recipients. An European experience

Dr. Mehmet Fethullah Aydin, Turkey
Evaluation of one year, five years and ten years life time of patients with kidney transplant: Single-center experience

Fidel Lopez-Verdugo, United States
Liver transplantation of hepatitis C-viremic donors to hepatitis C naive recipients

Dr. Fu Zhen, People's Republic of China
Tetramethylpyrazine activated PPARγ in resuscitating the liver graft donated after cardiac death

Marty T Sellers, United States
Aggressive pursuit of liver only donors and their transplant outcomes: Should we continue?

Dr. María Paula Gómez, Spain
International Registry In Organ Donation and Transplantation (IRODAT) – 2019 worldwide data

Heart transplantation from controlled donors: First case report in Spain

Vanessa Silva e Silva, Canada
Burnout and resilience among organ donation coordinators: A scoping review

Mrs. Eunsuk Yu, Korea
Causes of lowered family consent rate for organ donation

Vanessa Silva e Silva, Canada
Bric study - Burnout and resiliency levels among organ donation coordinators: Research protocol

Dr. Norihide Fukushima, Japan
The role of cooperation programs including education of tissue and organ transplant coordinators and collaboration with Japan Organ Transplant Network on heart valve donation in west Japan

Ms. Sayaka Nagashima, Japan
Deceased donor tissue recovery activity in Eastern Japan

Dr. Rashikh A Choudhury, United States
Pancreas transplant in chronic kidney disease for type 1 diabetic patients

Dr. Shiva Kumar, United Arab Emirates
Establishment of solid organ transplantation in the United Arab Emirates

Dr. Vasanthi Ramesh M.S., FALS, India
Enabling legal provisions and their crucial role in promoting organ donation and transplantation – The Indian scenario

Dr. Shiva Kumar, United Arab Emirates
Establishment of liver transplantation in the United Arab Emirates from deceased and living donors

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