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Riadh Fadhil, Qatar

Professor of Urology & Transplant Surgery
Director of Qatar Organ Donation Center
Hamad Medical Corporation

Riadh A. S. Fadhil

Professor of Urology and Transplant Surgery



Prof. Fadhil is a senior consultant surgeon in Hamad Medical Corporation in Doha-Qatar since 2004.  He is the Director of the Qatar Organ Donation Center & the Doha International Academy for Organ Donation. He is a member of The Transplantation Society–Ethics Committee, and a member of Board of Councilors -Declaration of Istanbul Custodian Group.

Prof. Fadhil has a lead role in developing the Doha model of organ donation and the transplantation programs in Iraq and Qatar. In Baghdad before 2004, he founded the University Hospital Transplant Center and the Iraqi Association of Nephrologists and Urologists. He was the Dean of Alnahrain College of Medicine.

Since his early involvement in transplantation, he fought against commercialism and organ trade.  He strongly believes that self-sufficiency in transplantation can only be achieved through international cooperation in developing donation programs, fight commercialism, and foster trust within the multicultural societies.

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