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Metrics for OPO Performance in Organ Donation

Tuesday September 15, 2020 - 00:15 to 02:00

Room: Channel 2

321.1 Utilizing administrative data sets to measure OPO performance

Ryutaro Hirose, United States

Professor of Clinical Surgery, Division of Transplant Surgery
UCSF General Surgery Residency Program Surgical Medical Director
University of California, San Francisco


Ryutaro Hirose is a Professor of Clinical Surgery at UCSF and performs liver, kidney and pancreas transplants. After graduating from Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons, he completed his clinical and research training at UCSF as a resident in general surgery as well as a fellow in molecular medicine and transplantation surgery. His research interests include renal and hepatic ischemia - reperfusion injury, immune monitoring and skin cancer in transplant recipients. He has received funding from the NIH, NKF, UCSF, ASTS, and private industry. He is also actively involved with teaching students and residents. Dr. Hirose is currently the Associate Program Director for the General Surgery Residency at UCSF. In 2019, Dr. Hirose was appointed Surgical Medical Director of the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients (SRTR).

Dr. Hirose's research focus is ischemia-reperfusion injury and potential interventions to ameliorate renal and hepatic I-R injury. His group uses animal models, performs clinical and translational research as well as research on deceased donors. He collaborates with Dr. Claus Niemann, MD from the Dept. Anesthesia and they are co-Directors of the Ischemic Organ Injury Lab.

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