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President's Plenary & Awards (Repeat)

Sunday September 13, 2020 - 13:00 to 15:00

Room: Channel 1

Korean Government approach to pandemic readiness

Ok Park, Korea

Center for Disease Prevention
Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


Ok Park, M.D., PhD, MPH /Government Officer
Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Osong, Korea

1989. Mar – 1991. Feb Premedical Course, College of Medicine Korea University, Seoul, Korea
1991. Mar – 1995. Feb M.D. College of Medicine Korea University, Seoul, Korea
1995. Mar – 1996. Feb Internship, Korea University Kuro Hospital Seoul, Korea
1996. Mar – 2000. Feb Residency, Internal Medicine, Korea University Anam Hospital, Seoul, Korea
2000. Mar - 2000.Jun Fellowship, Infectious Disease Dept, Korea University Anam Hospital, Seoul, Korea
1999 – 2003 Ph.D. Infectious Disease, Korea University Seoul, Korea
2009 – 2012 MPH, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, MD, USA

2000.8.28-2001.3.28 Senior Researcher, Division of Epidemic Investigation, Korea CDC, Seoul, Korea
2001.3.29-2005.1.31 Senior Researcher, Division of Communicable Diseases Surveillance, Korea CDC, Seoul, Korea
2005.2.1-2006.1.31 Medical Officer, Communicable Disease Surveillance and Response, WPRO, WHO, Manila, Philippines
2006.2.1-2006.10.30 Senior Researcher, Division of Communicable Disease Control, KCDC, Seoul, Korea
2006.11.1-2008.4.10 Director, Division of Communicable Disease Surveillance, KCDC, Seoul, Korea
2008.4.11-2011.10.23 Maternity leave and leave for studying abroad
2011.10.24-2013.5.15 Director, Division of Biobank for Health Science, KCDC, Osong, Korea Director, TF of Biospecimen Distribution (additional post)
2013. 5.16-2015. 5. 30 Director, Division of National Immunization Program and Vaccine Preventable Diseases Control, KCDC, Osong, Korea
2016.3.7-2017.2.22 Director, Division of HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis Control, KCDC, Osong, Korea
2017.2.23-present Director, Division of Risk Assessment and International Cooperation, KCDC, Osong, Korea.
Korean Chair, Disease Prevention and Control Sub-Committee, Status of Forces Agreement
2017.3.3 Global Health Security Agenda Working Group (additional post)
2018.1.4-2018.3.3 TF for PyeongChang Winter Olympics and Paralympics Preparedness and Response (Director, team of administration, international cooperation for norovirus outbreak response, additional post)
2018.11- Director, Division of Infectious Disease Control, KCDC
2019.3.25- Director, Center for Disease Prevention, Korea CDC
2019.3.25-2020.2 Director, Korean Network for Organ Sharing, Korea CDC(additional post)
2020.1.27 Team leader, Epidemic Investigation and Patient Management Team, Emergency Operation Center for COVID19 Response, KCDC(additional post)

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