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Meet the TTS Councilor Session with Elmi Muller

Monday September 14, 2020 - 08:15 to 08:45

Room: Networking 4

Elmi Muller, South Africa

Transplant Surgeon
Groote Schuur Hospital


Dr Muller qualified in general surgery in 2004. Since this time she had been working in the field of transplantation and is the head of the transplantation service at Groote Schuur Hospital. Her research is in HIV positive transplantation: the “HIV positive to positive” transplant programme she started at in 2008 changed the life of many socioeconomically disadvantaged people. Currently she is president of the South African Transplantation Society and councillor for Middle East/Africa for the international Transplantation Society (TTS). She received the Checkers-Shoprite Women of the Year award in 2011 and was featured in The Lancet in 2012 under the title: ‘Elmi Muller; bending rules, changing guidelines, making history.’ Dr Muller has experience in both tertiary academic medicine as well as private practice and has been organizing projects both locally in South Africa as well as internationally. She had been a faculty member/advisor for several World Health Organization workshops and has significant experience in health management in the field of transplantation. She has collaborated with many international leaders and is currently involved in research collaboration projects at the University of Cape Town, Hopkins University (USA) and Lund University (Sweden). Dr Muller does clinical work in the field of transplantation and vascular access.

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