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VCA: Cutting Edge Advances and Applications

Tuesday September 15, 2020 - 15:15 to 17:00

Room: Channel 4

393.3 Cell targeted nanoimaging for graft surveillance – Advances in solid organ and VCA applications

Jelena M. Janjic PhD, United States

Associate Professor of Pharmaceutics
Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Duquesne University School of Pharmacy


The primary focus of my research is the design and development of imaging and imaging supported drug delivery agents, theranostic nanomedicines. I have worked on imaging and drug delivery platforms since 2006, which has resulted to date in 2 patents, more than 50 publications, and invited presentations at national and international meetings. Since the beginnings of my research career I worked in various areas of immunology and for the past 12 years focused on inflammation imaging and treatment. I have designed and developed nanoimaging and theranostic nanomedicines for immune cells which include macrophages, T cells, DCs, holding two patents on this technology. In 2011 expanded into transplant nanomedicine, nanomedicine for neuroinflammation, neuroreogeraion and pain. My lab specialized in pharmaceutical development of transplant nanomedicine for increased efficacy and safety of current FDA approved immunosupressants. We also work on manufacturing processes and scale up to facilitate future clinical translation. My lab utilizes quality by design methodology for development of noninvasive cell tracking nanoparticles that serve as novel diagnostic tools for acute and chronic rejection.

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