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Takayuki Yamamoto, United States

Assistant Professor
Xenotransplantation Program, Department of Surgery
University of Alabama at Birmingham

Dr. Yamamoto graduated from Tokyo Institute of Technology in Japan, where he received his bachelor's degrees in biotechnology. After graduating, he attended Shimane Medical University School of Medicine in Japan and obtained a Physician’s License in Japan. After that, he completed his residency and fellowship in general surgery at Yokkaichi Municipal Hospital in Japan. He then became a Japanese Board Certified Surgeon and Japanese Board Certified Surgeon in Gastroenterology. Then, he focused on kidney and pancreas transplantation and endocrine surgery at Nagoya Daini Red Cross Hospital in Japan. While there, he spent three years at Nagoya University Graduate School of Medicine researching biomarkers for diagnosis of subclinical antibody-mediated rejection, as well as several clinical studies, and earning his Ph.D. He then joined the laboratory of Dr. David K.C. Cooper at UAB in 2017, working in the field of xenotransplantation.

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