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P-21 - Poster Session

Room: E-Poster Hall
Track: Xenotransplantation


Leigh Nicholson, Australia
Identification of a novel subset of xeno-antigen specific memory CD4+Foxp3+Tregs in islet-xenotransplant tolerance

Corbin Goerlich, United States
Lack of human thrombomodulin gene expression in life supporting pig-to-baboon cardiac xenotransplantation models may accelerate antibody mediated rejection

Avneesh Singh, United States
Expression of human thrombomodulin gene on genetically engineered pig hearts prolong cardiac xenograft survivals in non-human primates

Corbin Goerlich, United States
Comparison of minimally ischemic cardiac preservation techniques to overcome Perioperative Cardiac Xenograft Dysfunction (pcxd) in life-supporting cardiac xenotransplantation model

Lars Burdorf, United States
Beta4GalKO reduces anti-non Gal antibody binding in pig-to-baboon and pig-to-human lung transplantation models

Dr. Nikolaos Serifis, United States
Genetic modifications of the porcine genome regulate inflammatory and coagulation responses during ex-vivo porcine liver perfusion with human blood

Luz A Padilla, United States
Community perceptions and attitudes towards xenotransplantation in preparation for clinical trials

Taylor Coe, United States
Survival Benefit of Pig-to-Baboon Liver Xenotransplantation Utilizing Genetically Modified Swine

Eun Young Lee, Korea
Microcapsule against hypoxia showed longer graft survival than microcapsule against fibrosis in diabetic mice receiving GalT-KO porcine islet transplantation

Avneesh Singh, United States
Presence of graft-infiltrating regulatory T cells are associated with long term cardiac xenograft survival in non-human primate

Kaitlyn Petitpas, United States
Genetic modifications attenuate but don’t abrogate the sialoadhesin-dependent adhesion of human RBC to porcine macrophages

Mrs. Pei-Chi Lo, Taiwan
CD177 on swine cells suppresses xenogeneic macrophage-mediated cytotoxicity

Prof. Hee Jung Kang, Korea
Serological cytokine changes in nonhuman-primate recipients after porcine cardiac xenotransplantation

Dr. Takayuki Yamamoto, United States
New world monkeys as models for testing triple-knockout (TKO) pig red blood cell or skin transplants

Jong-Min Kim, Korea
Pre-clinical results of porcine islet re-transplantation after first porcine islet transplantation in rhesus monkeys

Lars Burdorf, United States
Xenogeneic lung perfusion using GalTKO.hCD46 lungs expressing hTFPI and hCD47

Miss he xing, People's Republic of China
Selection of immunosuppressive drugs for Cord blood derived xenoantigen-stimulated Treg

Dr. Keon B Oh, Korea
Selected sequences of porcine elongation factor 1 alpha promoter lead to significant upregulation of target gene responding to human serum induction in porcine cells

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