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P-4.32 The meaning of kidney transplantation from circulatory death donor in local hospital

Shin Do Suh, Korea

Cheju Halla General Hospital


The meaning of kidney transplantation from circulatory death donor in local hospital

Shin Do Suh1.

1Surgery, Cheju Halla General Hospital, Jeju, Korea

Introduction: Organ shortage is always the hot issue in transplantation world.  Recently, donation after circulatory death(DCD) is in preparation for execution in South Korea and is expected to be a trial for solving the organ shortage. The medical effectiveness of kidney transplantation from circulatory death donor were proved by the experiences of western countries for decades but still this field have some problems to be solved. One of them is how to increase the donation from potential donors. It should be considered in many directions and local hospital might have a role in some aspects.
Methods: Journals and articles about kidney transplantation from donor after circulatory death and brain death donor were reviewed.
Results: Firstly, kidney transplantation from DCD in local hospital will decrease the cold ischemic time which is effective in graft function. Secondly, if incentive is provided ( partly acceptive in deceased  donor kidney transplantation in South Korea),  it will make local hospital have more efforts in finding of potential donor. Thirdly, transplantation in local hospital might be helpful to make this field be generalized and familiar to the public and thus make both medical team and patients have more interests in donation. It also can make the patients have confidence to local hospital and the community health care be more improved.
Some improvements are needed for realization of transplantation from DCD in local hospital. Set up of professionals is most important and training program and education of staffs will be needed in reality. Information activities will be also effective in raising concerns of public. On the other hand, it is also needed supports from other local clinics and community medical centers and public and governmental institutions.
Conclusion: Local hospital has a potential role to improve the donor shortage problems in transplantation. It is needed local hospital’s own efforts and supports from community for more effective outcomes in kidney transplantation from DCD.


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