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P-4.48 Living liver donor surgical complication : Single center experience

Eun-Kyoung Jwa, Korea

hepatobiliary and liver transplantation surgery
Daegu Catholic University College of Medicine


Living liver donor surgical complication : Single center experience

Eun-Kyoung Jwa1, Joo Dong Kim1, Dong-Lak Choi1.

1Hepatobiliary Pancreas Surgery and Abdominal Organ Transplantation, Daegu Catholic University College of Medicine, Daegu, Korea

Korea is the one of the most common country to do living donor liver transplantation.  But almost big liver transplantation center is in Seoul which is capital of Korea. Beside Seoul, There are no big living donor liver transplantation center except Dague catholic university medical center. We were reached to 500th living donor liver transplantation in 2017. We review our donor complication and find way to reduce the rate of morbidity. Institutional LT database was searched from 2005.05.08. to 2017.12.31. Their medical records and imaging studies were reviewed. From 2005.05.08 we did first living donor hepatectomy, we did 512 living donor hepatectomy until 2017.12.31. Among them, 324 were male and 188 were female. Graft types were Right liver graft in 457 (89.3%), Left liver graft in 47 (9.2%), Left lateral section graft in 2 (0.4%) and Right posterior section graft in 6 (1.2%). Mean age of total donor was 30 years and Mean BMI was 22. Mean hospital days was 10days. All of the donors, surgical complication occurred in 32donors.(6.3%) Minor complication was 10 cases(1.9%). Major complication was 24case.(4.7%) Between major complication, the most common complication was biliary complication (n=17) and the Other complications were small bowel obstruction operation(2), , bleeding control(n=2), pleural effusion drainage(n=2), portal vein stent insertion(n=1). There are no mortality. The most common complication was biliary complication which were 20cases (3.8%). Among them intra-op T-tube insertion were 9 case and 3 case were PTBD insertion and 3case did ERCP. There are re-operation case was just one case, which was immediate right hepatic artery bleeding. Our center’s complication was very low. But still biliary complication is the most common complication. When we meet abnormal biliary anatomy we must be careful and we try to reduced biliary complication.


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