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P-13 - Poster Session

Room: E-Poster Hall
Track: Paediatrics


Dr. Katherine Twombley, United States
Significance of antibody clearance, treatment and pathology findings in antibody mediated rejection in pediatric kidney transplant recipients on 1 year outcomes: Preliminary findings from the PARAMOUr “PediAtric Renal AMr Outcomes” study

Marta Lidia Monteverde, Argentina
1 -year protocol biopsies in pediatric kidney transplant children: Are unfavorable histological lesions related to no adherence?

Dr. Chris T Chung, Korea
Comprehensive analysis of 40-year experience in pediatric kidney transplantation

Marta Lidia Monteverde, Argentina
Addition of pre transplant Rituximab to plasma exchange in FSGS children undergoing kidney transplantation

Dr. Irina E. Pashkova, Russian Federation
ABO-incompatible pediatric liver transplantation: Experience of 122 procedures at a single center

Ms. Julie Depper, United States
Extracorporeal photopheresis: Treatment for steroid resistant rejection in pediatric liver transplant recipients

Esra Baskin, Turkey
The effects of long term eplerenone treatment in pediatric renal transplant patients

Esra Baskin, Turkey
Risk factors and outcomes of urinary tract infections after pediatric renal transplant

Dr. Sugi R V Subramaniam, India
CT based sarcopenia assessment & frailty scores are better than PELD in predicting early morbidity and mortality after paediatric live donor liver transplantation

Dr. Okjoo Lee, Korea
Kidney transplantation in children weighing 15 kg or less: Technical challenges and outcome in a single center

Esra Baskin, Turkey
Outcomes of renal transplantation in children with cystinosis

Dr. Jiyoung Kim, Korea
Long-term survival of kidney transplants in pediatric patients with nephronophthisis

Dr. Rivada Kurabekova, Russian Federation
Blood levels of insulin like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) and growth hormone associate with liver function and 6 month survival after pediatric liver transplantation

Dr. Lan Zhu, People's Republic of China
Successful preemptive kidney transplantation with simultaneous bilateral nephrectomy in young infants with congenital nephrotic syndrome

Ms. Belinda J Bourne, Australia
Paediatric Lung Transplantation (pLTx) in Australia: Small patients in a big country

Esra Baskin, Turkey
Clinical impact of complement deposition findings on biopsies in acute rejection episodes of pediatric renal transplant patients

Thomas Nakagawa, United States
The growth and impact of pediatric donation in the United States

Dr. Hyun Ah Woo, Korea
Clinical course of Schimke immuno-osseous dysplasia after kidney transplantation

Dr. Behlul Igus, Turkey
Succesfully kidney transplantation in pediatric patient with inferior vena cava stent

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