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P-11 - Poster Session

Room: E-Poster Hall
Track: Kidney


Sung-Hyun Son, Korea
Anti-abo antibody- versus anti-hla antibody-induced antibody mediated rejection in abo-incompatible kidney transplant patients: Relative incidence and phenotype difference

Dr. Xianding Wang, People's Republic of China
Individualized preconditioning for ABO incompatible living donor kidney transplantation: An initial report of 48 cases from China

Dr. Ravi Kumar Singh, India
Comparative study of ATG vs ATG-F (Grafalon) as an induction agent in ABO incompatible kidney transplantation

Prof. Binnaz Handan Ozdemir, Turkey
Hypercholesterolemia (HC) increases the risk of acute rejection (AR) and leads to chronic rejection (CR) through decreasing endothelial cell surface antigens and increasing both epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition (EMT) and endothelial-to-mesenchymal transition (EndoMT)

Jane Ha, Korea
Factors predicting poor graft function at 1 year after kidney transplantation from deceased donors with acute kidney injury: an analysis of Korean Organ Transplant Registry database

Prof. Se-Hee Yoon, Korea
Prophylactic treatment with antioxidant nanoparticles attenuate ischemia/reperfusion injury in BALB/c mice

Dr. Shahzad Alam, India
Role of diltiazem in short-term outcome of live related renal transplant hypertensive recipients with non-surgical delayed graft function

Dr. Abhyudaysingh Rana, India
Incidence, risk factors & patient outcomes of acute kidney injury in patients undergoing living donor liver transplant- A prospective single centre study

Dr. Kyeongdeok Kim, Korea
Outcomes of deceased donor kidney transplantation using kidneys from donors with acute kidney injury

Dr. Salima Awadh Al alawi, Oman
Tubulo-Interstitial Nephritis in Graft Kidney Transplant Post Azathioprine Introduction

Miss Yujia Wang, People's Republic of China
Diabetes mellitus is a risk of AKI incidence in liver transplantation patients

Ms. Sojung Yoon BE, Korea
Cardiovascular outcomes of rapamycin-based immunosuppression in kidney transplant recipients: A single center retrospective study

Maria del Carmen Rial, Argentina
Should be use kidneys of KDPI higher than 85 percentage for older recipients?

Miss shujing hu, Hong Kong
The current status and predictors of exercise in kidney transplant recipients: A prospective study using the Health Action Process Approach

Prof. Binnaz Handan Ozdemir, Turkey
Glomerular deposits of Von Willebrand factor (vWF) and loss of endothelial cell surface antigens on peritubular capillaries (PTCs) showed a strong association with worse graft outcome in recipients with antibody-mediated rejection (ABMR)

Dr. Markus Wahrmann, Austria
Detection of donor-derived cell-free DNA: Non-invasive prediction of silent antibody-mediated rejection in donor-specific antibody-positive renal allograft recipients

Dr. Seong Gyu Kim, Korea
Impact of low dose donor specific anti-HLA antibodies between living donor versus deceased donor kidney transplantation

Dr. Hanbi Lee, Korea
Combined impact of pre-sensitization and delayed graft function on allograft rejection in deceased donor kidney transplantation: Nationwide cohort study

Prof. Seok Jeong Yang, Korea
The influence of the donor kidney weight to recipient body weight on long-term renal graft outcomes

Mr. Stan Benjamens, Netherlands
A proof of concept study for [18F]-sodium fluoride imaging of nephrocalcinosis in donor kidneys and explanted renal allografts

Dr. Hee Jung Jeon, Korea
Urinary beta-2-microglobulin as a biomarker for chronic allograft injury and rapid renal function decline in kidney transplant recipients

Dr. Hyunmin Ko, Korea
Inferior outcomes of basiliximab compared to anti-thymocyte globulin induction therapy in kidney transplantation with weak pretransplant donor specific anti-HLA antibody

Dr. Xianding Wang, People's Republic of China
Kidney transplantation from HBsAg+ living donors to HBsAg- recipients: Clinical outcomes at a high-volume center in China

Dr. Eun Ji Choi, Korea
Cytomegaloviurs-Associated Hemophagocytic Syndrome Diagnosed by Liver Biopsy in a Kidney Transplant Recipient: A case report

Dr. Mihyeong Kim, Korea
Lymphocyte subset test as a determinant of Cytomegalovirus prophylaxis in renal transplant recipients with anti-thymocyte globulin induction therapy

Dr. Ji Won Min, Korea
Differential impact of allograft rejection on kidney transplant patients with BKV infection

Dr. Harshit M Patel, India
Changing severity of Dengue infection in renal transplant recipients: “Unpredictable and lethal”

Dr. Chumpol Santisiripat MD, Thailand
Cytomegalovirus infection after kidney transplantation with pre-emptive strategy: A single-center retrospective cohort study

Dr. Cigdem Erol, Turkey
Urinary tract infections in renal transplant recipients in three years

Miss Gisele Meinerz, Brazil
Pre-kidney transplant latent tuberculosis infection screening and posttransplant active tuberculosis

Khawar Abbas, Pakistan
Management of plasma cell-rich acute rejections in live related kidney transplants: Role of proteasome inhibitor

Prof. Marisa M Cobos, Argentina
Emphysematous pyelonephritis in renal transplant recipient

Mr. Dominic Amara, United States
Beyond death and graft survival: Understanding 30-day readmission rates and extended length of stay after kidney transplantation. Results from the NSQIP Transplant beta phase

Caner Suesal, Germany
Pre-transplant HLA antibodies and delayed graft function in the current era of kidney transplantation

Miss Tamar AJ van den Berg, Netherlands
Aggravation of fibrin deposition and microthrombus formation within the graft during kidney transplantation

Dr. Christopher Seet, United Kingdom
Effect of cold, warm, and composite ischaemic times on one year graft function

Dr. Xiangyong Tian, People's Republic of China
CHAIR Score: A novel risk stratification in transplant renal artery stenosis

Mr. Stan Benjamens, Netherlands
Abdominal aorta calcification prior to kidney transplantation: The association with patient and graft survival

Dr. Fatima AlKindi, United Arab Emirates
Review of efficacy and short term safety of sodium-glucose cotransporter 2 (SGLT2) inhibitors use in diabetic renal transplant recipients

Aydincan Akdur, Turkey
Surgical complications after pediatric kidney transplantation

Dr. Luis Roberto Leon, Argentina
Co-infection CMV/BK in kidney transplant recipients

Dr. Xiangyong Tian, People's Republic of China
The efficacy of low-dose aspirin in preventing transplant renal artery stenosis (TRAS): A single-center study

Dr. Christopher Seet, United Kingdom
Using the Clavien-Dindo classification to identify risk factors in kidney transplantation

Dr. Pai Yen Pan, Taiwan
Risk factors of recurrence of vesicoureteral reflux after endoscopic treatment after kidney transplantation

Dr. David Tovmassian, Australia
Beware the band adhesion: An unexpected cause of small bowel obstruction following intraperitoneal kidney transplantation

Dr. Osama Gheith, Kuwait
Assessment of neuropathy among renal transplant recipients with post-transplant diabetes mellitus: Kuwait experience

Rehan Mohsin, Pakistan
Surgical complications in renal transplant in a tertiary centre in Pakistan

Prof. Afshar Zomorrodi, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Is it possible to prevent reperfusion ischemic injury and DGF (delayed graft function) in kidney allograft? How?

Dr. Joseph S Jaya, Australia
Timely surgical intervention for ureteric complications ensures adequate graft function in renal transplantation: A 10-year review

Ms. Nina Seng, Australia
Implementation of increased viral risk donor waiting list for pre-consented waitlisted recipients in Victoria, Australia

Dr. Nasly G Patino-Jaramillo MD, Colombia
Retrospective analysis of the Kidney Donor Profile Index (KDPI) with patient and graft survival at 5 years post transplantation 

Dr. Thawin Srinutta, Thailand
Impact of donor cardiopulmonary resuscitation on long-term allograft outcome after deceased donor kidney transplantation in Thailand

Prof. Woo Yeong Park, Korea
The donor factors related with delayed graft function after deceased donor kidney transplantation

Prof. Tian Puxun, People's Republic of China
Donor difference is an important factor to accelerate the implementation of enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) in renal transplantation

Dr. Yuki Nakagawa, Japan
Effect of recipient and donor age in deceased donor kidney transplantation in Japan

Dr. tarun kumar saha, India
Outcome of dual kidney transplantation from marginal deceased kidney donor

Dr. Amit Sharma, United States
Fully robotic live donor nephrectomy and open implantation in recipients: Does right or left kidney really matter?

Prof. Anant Kumar, India
Comparison of outcomes between open and robot assisted kidney transplant in paediatric population-initial results

Hari Shankar Meshram, India
Non-simultaneous kidney exchange cycles in resource restricted countries without non-directed donation

Donor and recipient outcomes of retroperitoneal laparoscopic donor nephrectomy in obese versus non obese donors: A prospective study

Dr. Abhyudaysingh Rana, India
ATG- F (Grafalon) vs Thymoglobulin( r ATG ) as an induction agent in living donor renal transplant: A retrospective single centre experience

Sung Shin, Korea
Comparison of clinical outcomes of living donor kidney transplantation in female recipients with birth history according to the relation to a donor

Dr. Masato Nishihara, Japan
AI navigation system for living donor surgery: seven process classification of laparoscopic nephrectomy by deep learning

Aydincan Akdur, Turkey
Long term results of living donor kidney transplantation

Longest single centre kidney exchange transplant chain of 10 donor-recipients pairs in India.

Dr. Dinno Francis A Mendiola, Philippines
Comparative analysis of donor and recipient outcomes of laparoscopic vs. open donor nephrectomy for allografts with multiple renal vessels

Dr. Harshit M Patel, India
Outcome of renal transplantation in Alport's syndrome: A single-center experience.

Tai Yeon Koo, Korea
The Korean Organ Transplantation Registry (KOTRY): First official kidney transplantation report

Dr. hyo kee kim, Korea
Association between IPV and chronic CNI toxicity with genetic analysis in kidney transplantation

Risk factors for low graft function at 1 year after kidney transplantation

Mr. Muhammad A Khurram, United Kingdom
Artificial intelligence and machine learning to predict functional outcome of the arteriovenous fistulas - proof of concept model

Miss Yunwei Zhang, Australia
Identification of driven risk factors for HLA-DR in kidney transplantation

Dr. Seung Duk Lee, United States
Complete robotic-assisted kidney transplantation: A safe alternative to open approach

Dr. Yu Ho Lee, Korea
Renal allograft outcome from hypertensive donor: Comparison between living and deceased donor

Dr. Camilo Cortesi, United States
Comprehensive evaluation of echocardiographic changes after kidney transplantation and long-term outcomes

Dr. Didem Turgut, Turkey
Intra-patient tacrolimus level variability in BK virus associated nephropathy

Intra-operative fluorescence angiography for renal graft perfusion assessment: An operative tool for post-transplant management

Prof. Binnaz Handan Ozdemir, Turkey
Comparison of rapamycin with cyclosporin, and tacrolimus in regards to the development of epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition (EMT) of tubular cells and endothelial-to-mesenchymal transition (EndoMT) of peritubular capillaries (PTCs)

Dr. Deniz DT Topcu, Turkey
Analysis of intra-patient variability of tacrolimus in transplant patients with data mining

Mr. Si Youn Kim, Korea
Clinical benefits of coronary CT angiography in preventing cardiovascular complications among renal transplant recipients

Dr. Hyukyong Kwon, Korea
Sodium/glucose cotransporter 2 inhibitors reduce microalbuminuria in diabetic renal transplant patients.

Sonia Mehrotra, India
Effect of good dental care on oral inflammation, cytokines and chemokines levels in renal transplant patients: A randomized controlled study

Dr. Burak Sayin, Turkey
Angiotensin receptor blockers provide better glomerular filtration rates than angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors in kidney transplant recipients with proteinuria

Mekdim Siyoum, Ethiopia
Quality of life and associated factors of kidney transplant patients in Ethiopia

Dr. Bhavin Satyanarayan Mandowara, India
Study of donors weight and sex correlation with recipients graft function in living related renal transplant

Dr. Youngjun Park, Korea
Retroperitoneal viscum album extract injection in high drain output patient after renal transplantation

Dr. Isilay Oz, Turkey
Assessment of middle ear mechanics, internal ear acoustical emission measurements and hearing in renal transplant recipients

Dr. Emre Karakaya, Turkey
Survival and complications after multiple artery kidney transplantation

Dr. Didem Turgut, Turkey
How calcineurin inhibitor dosage and blood trough levels affect kidney allograft survival?

Dr. Zeynep Kendi Çelebi, Turkey
Why can’t I have a kidney transplant? Limitations to donate kidney or to have allograft

Ebru Hatice Ayvazoglu Soy, Turkey
The new crescentic incision: A good option for donor nephrectomy

Dr. Sneha Haridas Anupama, India
Significance of rectal carriage screening for carbapenem resistance in a living donor renal transplantation setting in India

Blood pressure levels depending on the differences in the levels of salt intake in kidney transplant recipients

Dr. Becky My Ma, Hong Kong
Long term outcome of asymptomatic kidney transplantation recipients with chronotropic incompetence - A perspective study over 8 Years

Dr. Camilo Cortesi, United States
Evaluation of left ventricular geometric changes after kidney transplantation depending on allograft status

Dr. Zeynep Kendi Çelebi, Turkey
Clinical features and sensitization risk factors in patients awaiting kidney transplantation: A single center experience

Prof. Hye Ryoun Jang, Korea
Prognostic value of early postoperative urinary protein to creatinine ratio after kidney transplantation

Dr. Maria P. Dionisi, Argentina
Does the Kidney Donor Profile Index (KDPI) predict graft and patient survival in our population? Experience of a transplant center in Argentina

Dr. Luis Roberto Leon, Argentina
Teriparatide in kidney transplant patients with severe hypocalcemia

Dr. Bahar Füsun Oduncuoğlu, Turkey
The relationship between skeletal and mandibular/alveolar bone quality after solid organ transplantation

Ebru Hatice Ayvazoglu Soy, Turkey
Long term follow up of the orthopic renal transplant case with splenorenal anastomosis

Dr. Mastakim Ahmed Mazumder, India
Erythrocytosis post renal transplantation: A single centre study

Dr. Mustafa Yilmaz, Turkey
The change of frontal Qrs-t angle after renal transplantation in dialysis patients

Mrs. Jessica J Pinto Ramirez PR, Colombia
Survival analysis in the presence of competing risks in kidney transplant

Dr. Leyla Asena, Turkey
Changes in ocular biometric parameters after renal transplantation

Dr. Osama Gheith, Kuwait
Cystinosis in pediatric renal transplant recipients: Case control study from Kuwait

Ebru Hatice Ayvazoglu Soy, Turkey
Paired kidney exchange transplantation experience in our center

Dr. Bahar Füsun Oduncuoğlu, Turkey
Evaluation of dental and periodontal health of renal transplant and hemodialysis patients

Dr. Vasiliy Bogdanov, Russian Federation
Evolution of pediatric kidney transplantation: A single center experience

Dr. EYNER LOZANO, Colombia
Factors associated with post-transplant anemia in Colombian population with kidney transplant between 2007-2015: A case control study

Dr. Hsu-Han Wang, Taiwan
The influence of immediate graft blood flow on early graft function

Dr. Fatima AlKindi, United Arab Emirates
Is gastric sleeve surgery an optimal therapy for weight reduction post renal transplantation?

Rolf Weimer, Germany
IL-10 promotes chronic BK-virus infection and HLA class I antibody formation in renal transplant recipients

Matthew R D'Costa, United States
A multidisciplinary approach in the management of enteric hyperoxaluria in kidney transplant candidates and recipients

Renal graft parenchyma qualitative assessment through fluorescence angiography before kidney transplantation

Prof. Jin Hyuk Paek, Korea
Pretransplant dialysis modality and long-term outcomes in kidney transplantation recipients: A propensity score matching analysis

Dr. Yohan Park, Korea
Impact of body mass index and pre-sensitization in kidney transplant recipients on the long term allograft survival

Dr. Vijaya Rajakumari, India
Role of CT whole and abdomen and chest in preop work up renal transplant patients

Dr. Oscar K Serrano, United States
Predicting kidney function after high KDPI kidney transplantation: A comparison of expected vs. observed glomerular filtration rate in a large cohort of KDPI >85 kidney transplant recipients

Dr. Dorota Broniszczak-Czyszek, Poland
Kidney transplantation in pediatric patients with lower urinary tract dysfunction

Prof. Woo Yeong Park, Korea
Preemptive kidney transplantation is associated with better graft survival compared with non‐preemptive transplantation.

Dr. Leelo Järv, Estonia
Kidney graft survival is better in patients with normal body mass index

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